Whimsical Novelty Pottery


Taking Whimsy to the Bank

A person that continually creates whimsical pottery pieces must have a good sense of humor and a fun personality. Sometimes, this can translate into a profitable business. Consistently creating pottery pieces that have bright colors and odd shapes lends itself to uniqueness. Many customers who haunt small shops are looking for pieces that are unique and catch the eye. All of this combines to create a good market for a person who loves to create whimsical pottery.

When getting started in this type of business is it important to learn how to brand each pottery piece. The artist's signature, initials or logo must be added to the bottom of the pieces. Taking the time to include this step will help raise the value of each piece made. Over time, the artist may collect a following that will always look for their brand when shopping multiple stores or small shops. It is an easy way for customers to identify the works of artists they prefer and feel comfortable buying.

Learning promotion and marketing are always a plus when a person is doing business. Getting the word out to potential customers gives them an opportunity to buy. Learning how to target the best leads is part of learning the science of demographics. It helps narrow the field of potential customers to those really interested in a particular product. Doing this helps increase sales while paying less advertising dollars per purchase. It is a way to increase the profit margin on each sale.

The creation of unique pottery pieces has become more cherished than ever in this mass market world. An artist who wishes to sell their creations can find their own niche in the arts market. There are many small shops willing to sell pieces for a reasonable price. Those who appreciate a sense of fun in an artistic object will seek out these pieces.