Whimsical Novelty Pottery


Ideas for Whimsical Pottery

Creating whimsical pottery is generally done for friends and family. Much of this type of creativity reflects the personality of the person receiving the piece. For example, if a person likes snakes, making a cup for them out of pottery will involve adding snakes into the piece somewhere. Rolling the clay out into one long snake-like shape would be a good first step. It could then be pressed together to form a cup shape as if a snake were curled around a cup. Adding the head of a snake at the top would be the perfect way to finish the clay part of the cup. It would then need to be painted with colors to reflect its reptilian shape.

There are many ideas for creating pottery that is whimsical. If a friend tends to let clutter add up, a plate with instructions for good organizing might be just what they need. While making a plate is a fairly basic way to shape clay, the decorating might take a bit of work. Hand painting the piece after it is fired will definitely be a challenge for any artist. Once a friend or loved one hangs it on their wall, it will be well worth all the effort put into the piece.

Animal lovers present a wide range of choices for whimsical pottery. While many think about painting pictures of pets or favorite animals on a cup or bowl, making a bowl for a pet is a great way to show the whimsical side of any potter's nature. Animals deserve their own set of dishes because people never want to share. This is a perfect gift for the animal lover who has their own pet. If they don't have their own, feel free to add a stuffed pet to the bowl. It will be the perfect gift.

There are many ways to play with clay. Adding whimsical shapes or decorations has few limits. Creativity is fun in this application of the ancient art of pottery. It takes life to the fun level and keeps it there for a long time. Making whimsical pieces gives the potter and the recipient a fun way to view their lives.