Whimsical Novelty Pottery


Perfectly Imperfect Pottery

Creating pottery should always be an exercise in fun. Some people quickly master the steps necessary to create perfect plates, cups and bowls on a potter's wheel. Sadly, some people will never quite achieve this status. For them, making off-beat pottery may be their answer. Just because it isn't quite round, or perfect, does not mean a piece of pottery doesn't deserve its own place in the world. A bowl that has a dip in the lip can still be a fun piece.

Salvaging pottery pieces that are not quite perfect is an art form all by itself. It requires a person to have a quirky sense of humor. Once they find these imperfections, they will not cover them up. No, the imperfections should be used as a highlight of the piece. Rather than painting to cover up that lip dip, a potter with attitude will enhance it. They will proudly display their imperfections and use them to illustrate that life is never perfect. That dip can become a place where a spoon can comfortably rest or excess soup can be poured out.

A plate that is not perfectly round is another area where the pottery artist with attitude can gain ground. Decorating the piece with jagged lines will make the imperfection disappear in a visual haze of misdirection. While someone will eventually discover the plate is not perfect, they will not mind because they will love the piece already.

Cups are a great area where the accidental pottery artist tends to strike on a regular basis. Leaning like the Tower of Pisa, these inappropriate vessels generally hold less than their normal counterparts. Their handles may be slightly misshapen for normal human hands. Attitude is everything when continuing with these projects. It takes an artist with a different view of life to color the cup to enhance the bends. Painting the handle a different color ensures admirers will notice its abnormalities. Calling it the diet cup will certainly add to its charm because this is an amazingly perfect imperfect pottery piece.